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Leadership Workshops

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Fudamentals 101.

In this one-day workshop Scott will walk your team quickly through the fundamentals that create extraordinary leaders for teams. The highly interactive sessions combine initial thoughts and fundamental theory, discussion periods, directed activities and processes focused on developing individual leadership and coaching skills.

Techniques 101.

In this one-day workshop Scott will walk your team quickly through the techniques that bring the fundamentals to life. Using real life vignettes and situations, role play, active guided discussions mentored only as Scott can, your leaders will accelerate their development towards being extraordinary. This session is best used after Fundamentals 101, but can be a stand alone item.

Leadership - Coach Approach, Like My Style?

In this half day workshop, Scott will focus in on leaders and coaches looking to explore their individualised style and approach while embracing the need to coach their teams. Self assessment followed by guided discussions and practical examples morphed into role playing form the key techniques used here. Be ready to be vulnerable. Be ready to explore your authentic approach to coaching and leading.

Leader-Coach Journey.

In this half day session, Scott will take emerging leaders and coaches with a baseline of leadership exposure, and walk them through a process to accelerate their own self-reflective journey. Looking for a way to energise your middle management? Here it is. The key elements that Scott will cover in this session are Self Awareness, Finding and adjusting your approach, Coaching/mentoring techniques, Setting Intentions, using feedback loops, and how to use Zoom perspective.

Managing the Chaos.

Tailored to the level of organisation from the individual to the executive in the C-suite, this half or full day session is a hands-on technique driven workshop designed to expand the skills needed to manage overwhelming demands and schedules without losing sight of HOW you wanted to lead in the first place. The more you come prepared to work, the deeper Scott will dive with you into your world. The key elements to this session will be developing and imparting a vision, setting intentions, detailed prioritisation, and using feedback loops.

Leading the Leaders (Be the Mentor and Coach).

Focused on senior or executive managers, this half day session is all about systemically creating the self-starting leaders and coaches that are in turn coaching and leading exceptionally. By conducting focused interviews in advance of the session, Scott will home in on the key elements of your organisation’s talent management system, and work with you to maximise it. The key elements of this highly tailored session will be on how your organisation or team develops Trust, is teaching coaching and mentoring, maintaining leader life balance, using recognition, assessing leaders, and using zoom perspective to communicate and verify.

Chapter Tailored to your Needs.

Is there one specific item from Developing Coaching Leaders and caught your eye? Or is there not enough time in your team’s busy schedule to have a full or half day development session? What about a one or two hour session focused on a specific chapter from Scott’s book? This option lends itself well to being completely done virtually.

And now for something completely different.

Maybe you don’t see something in the list above that is what you want your team to focus on. Scott’s extensive experience in curriculum development allows him to tailor a learning experience for you and your team in short order to achieve exactly what you are looking for. In person or virtual. Small team or large.

One on One Leadership Coaching

Virtual or in person. In English or French

Contact Scott to set up a session so you can interview him! From there you can assess the value added to you and your organisation on your leadership and coaching journey.

Perhaps you would like to enhance the development of a member of your team? By booking a session you will quickly see the value of any number of coaching sessions.